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Just thought those of you who read "Lions, Tigers and Bears" should know that I won't be able to complete Vol. 2, and to let you all know I'm EXTREMELY sorry.

Basically, what happened was that I agreed to do the series at San Diego last year, on the basis that I had around a 5 month gap to get it done before I started on A.T.O.M. My only demands were that I get the full script up front, and that we don't solicit until I had two issues done. This business of comics being what it is, some things were overlooked, or miscommunicated or something, and while I was halfway through drawing Issue 1 (before I saw Issue 2's script), the first issue was solicited and the whole thing was basically doomed.

Thing is, working with Image is fantastic, but it's basically high profile self-publishing. For an artist, everything needs to run to a very tight schedule, otherwise you soon find you're running out of time or finances or both. That's all well and good if you're the only person responsible for your schedule, but when you start factoring in other people who don't necessarily understand the pressures an artist finds himself under, well, let's just say in this instance it ended up being a problem.

Now that I'm well and truly tied into the A.T.O.M. comic, and my window of opportunity to do LTB has come and gone, there's just no way I can see the project through to it's conclusion. They're finding a replacement artist, as far as I know, so the series will finish, just without me behind the art.

To all of you who read LTB, I'm really sorry it worked out this way, and to all of you who don't, this must have been a really boring entry that meant nothing to you! :)

Peace, guys!

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I'm never gonna open an online blog or owt.


So anyway, it's been about 6 months since San Diego, which was awesome. Great to meet some of my heroes and friends (Heya Cheeks!) Had my photo taken with Robin, which actually didn't come out very well because I didn't realise you can't put your cameras in the main luggage because the X-Ray machines destroy them. Aargh! So I need to find him again this year and have it taken again. This time on Digital Camera.

Things have got even busier here, scarily. As well as doing LTB Vol. 2, I'm now the regular penciller/inker/colourist for the next evolution of Panini Comics' Action Man book. It's called A.T.O.M.; Alpha Teens On Machines, and it's based on the cartoon of the same name on Jetix. It's an awesome property, and I just love it. It's really a dream come true AND I get to go into pretty much any newsagents in this country and it'll be right there, every three weeks. Woo Hoo!

Other than that, I'm doing the odd pin-up and cover here and there. I'll post those up here once they're in print in one form or another. Chief amongst those are a Pin-Up for Todd Nauck's Wildguard and a cover for Noble Causes. I'm happy with both of them and SUCH and honour to be asked to do them. Thanks, guys!

J x

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Thu Jun 30, 2005, 3:21 PM
Finished in time for SDCC!

So who's going to SDCC then? I just finished up a 17-page comic written by Kevin Grevioux, which will be available as an ashcan at the show. 17 pages would ordinarily not pose a problem, but bugger me the work's been cascading down on me. All good o' course, but things can get a little tricky ('specially when you factor in my unhealthy Disgaea obsession. I'm limiting meself to 2 hours a day playing, MAX. That way I still get at least 12 hours working time.)

So that's called "The Hammer Kid". Then there's the LTB trade, which'll be out for the 'Con (I think. I hope.) and I'll be at the Runemaster booth which'll be part of the Alias booth, for the whole event. Anyone who's run into me at one of the many, yet extremely small, conventions I've attended over here in Blighty knows I'm happy to sketch, sign, discuss Big Brother until my fingers bleed, I pass out, or you get bored and walk away. So if you're around, come and say hi.

So I'm finally a DA subscriber (oo, get me!) AND I got one of them thar print accounts, 'cos they offered it cheap, 'cos of LTB TPB cover (wish there was an acronym for cover. CVR I guess) got 1000 views. Thanks for that, ladies and gents! Not sure what to do with it though, image-wise. Any suggestions gratefully recieved. Also any indication whether anyone'd care if I actually put anything up there or not would be good. :D

Off to see Batman and War of the Worlds tomorrow. Bloody nearest cinema's miles away, so it's the two birds, one stone thing. Better not be any kids bunking off (do they still say bunking off?) and ruining my cinema experience, otherwise I'm opening a can and there'll be whoop-ass everywhere.

Righto, off to bed. G'night everyone. I'll see you back here in six months when I make a new journal entry (I'm so crap.)

Anyone going to San Diego, hope to see you there! Have one of my shiny new business cards! Well, not shiny as such, more satin. I think. That's what it said on the order form. I think.



"I don't know, it was like that when I got here."
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Wow, I found a second to write something. Thanks to everyone who's showing an interest here. I really wish I could respond to everyone and communicate a bit more, but the work is piling up like you wouldn't believe! It's great, but free time seems to be a thing of the past at the moment. Right now, I'm looking at a bit of a break in November, although that might have been filled now, I'm not sure. Hoepfully I'll be able to talk about some of the things that are coming up, although probably not until after San Diego. :/

Thanks again, everyone!

Hey everyone! Thanks to you all for the overwhelming response since I joined up. No way did I expect to get this kinda reception! I'm really snowed under with LTB, racing toward a deadline I just know I'm gonna miss, so I'm sorry if I'm a bit slow responding to messages and stuff.

Anyways, the cover to LTB 3 has been released for public consumption, so I'm slingin' it up here. :D

Hey everyone! After much persuading, I've managed to get off my butt (figuratively) and join Deviant Art. SO thanks to Abby Ryder for that! :D

If anyone has heard of Darkham Vale (anyone?), well, I'm the guy who created it. Right now I'm working on a book called "Lions, Tigers and Bears" that's coming out of Image in January.

So there ya go.